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Fine Art for Good Photography works with charities, galleries or individuals to raise money for charity.

All proceeds from sales minus shipping costs are donated to charity.    Once the payment is received, a print will be mailed to the individual and a donation of the appropriate amount will be made to charity.  

Interested galleries can be provided with prints to maintain on site with the proceeds after gallery payment going to charity.   Likewise, solo exhibitions may be arranged with the artist proceeds going to charity.


If your organization is interested in a fundraising opportunity, please send an inquiry to       

Fine Art for Good Photography is also dedicated to making fine art available to a large audience through affordable fine art.   All inkjet prints are open editions and affordably priced.  Silver or platinum/palladium prints may be limited editions and priced according to the work and the materials involved.

Charities Previously Served

The Humane Society of Northwest Georgia is a local animal shelter caring for lost dogs and cats in our area.   Currently it is the primary charity supported though galleries or individuals may request support for a charity of their choice.  Charitable organizations may request a solo show or individual pieces for their benefit at

The DEO Clinic is a non-profit volunteer-based free medical facility in Dalton, Georgia.  It provides free care to those who fall between the insurance cracks who otherwise would not receive care.   A solo show was held for its benefit in December, 2017.

Other charities are assisted as requested.

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