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I tell you, the more I think, the more I feel there is nothing more artistic than to love people.

Vincent Van Gogh

The only way a work of art can become great is for one to acknowledge that it doesn’t belong to anybody. The greatness is in constantly giving back, coming to an acknowledgment of the source. Look back to the source of any individual, any process, any set of materials. If the individual personality can relinquish its insistence on concepts like "this is mine", "I did it", "this is original", "nobody else has done it", it goes straight for greatness or the essential spirit. No matter how simple the idea might be, it is compelling because the source has been allowed to permeate or inspire it.



 Paul Caponigro

Art is God in expression.  The connection between the God Force’s creative aspect and art is rarely appreciated as man tends to take credit for his creativity and assumes it has been gained by his own hard work and natural talent to which he rarely attributes God as his benefactor.


Perhaps the greatest way to open the channels of creativity is to become grateful for the gifts you have been given.  This will open the doorway for more to come into you and the flow will continue to expand into a mighty river. 



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